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Another Question to Help You Edit Your Closet

Here’s another question to ask yourself when cleaning out your closet: Would I buy it today? If the answer is no, then it must go. I just tried this in my closet, and in under 5 minutes, I pulled out 7 tops. Okay, I’ll be either consigning or donating them this week…


Your closet will look much neater and more organized if you use just one kind of hanger, e.g. all wood or all plastic. I personally love the velvet huggables. They are such space savers, too. My closet looks so organized!

Ask Yourself These Three Questions

Here are the 3 questions you must ask yourself for each piece of clothing that you put in your closet: 1) Do I love it? 2) Is it flattering? 3) Does it correspond with the image I want to project? If you can answer YES to all 3 questions, then keep it. If not, it… Read more »

First, identify your baggage

Do any of these sound familiar? Oh, that was from my thin days, but I’ll get there again. My grandmother gave me that. I spent too much money on that. That reminds me of when I was young and carefree. I’ve only worn that once. One day I’m going to get the job I’ve always… Read more »