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Recycling your clothing

Don’t throw your clothes away! Way too many items go into the landfill every day that could be salvaged and repurposed. Nearly 100% of textiles and clothing are recyclable. However, textile waste is estimated at approximately 15 million tons per year in the USA. Only 15% of consumer used clothing is actually recycled. There are… Read more »

October is Bra Recycling Month

In support of Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence Awareness in October, The Bra Recyclers are offering us an opportunity to participate in a different way-by recycling used and unused bras. This is an economical and environmentally friendly way to assist women nationwide that are breast cancer survivors or transitioning from domestic violence situations. Check out… Read more »

Wire Hangers

Don’t throw your wire hangers away! You can recycle them by taking them back to the dry cleaners for reuse.

Battery Recycling

Did you know that California is the only state in which it is illegal to put batteries in the trash? And that’s any kind of battery, single-use or rechargeable. Batteries contain hazardous materials, and should by no means end up in the landfill. Find an HHW (Household Hazardous Waste) facility near you and drop them… Read more »

We’re sending another box to the Bra Recyclers

Yesterday we sent another box full of bras to the Bra Recyclers to be distributed to women around the world. This is such a worthy cause. Thank you for all your generous donations! By the way, this is a year-round program here at SISTERS, so spread the word! And thanks for your support!

Bra Recycling

Here at SISTERS, we are all about the re-use of items so that they don’t have to get thrown away. To that purpose, we have started a Bra Donations program. Bring us your clean, functional bras, and we’ll send them to The Bra Recyclers in Arizona. From there, they’ll get distributed all over the world… Read more »