Consignment 101 at SISTERS

If you have never consigned anything before, here are a few tips for what to expect when bringing your items in for the very 1st time.

It is seasonal

Almost all buyers that come into the store are looking for something to wear right now, or for an event within the current season. I wish we had the space to store fabulous winter items that come in during the summer, but unfortunately we don’t.

Every item we accept will go out on the floor immediately. So bring in your shorts and sundresses during the summer months, and leave your velvets and woolens for the winter months.

There are however certain times of the year where we are a little ahead of the season, e.g. we stop taking summer items at the end of June, and then start taking fall items in July when it’s still 100 degrees outside. That’s because we start our end of season summer sale in July just like all the department stores. Same thing at the end of December- we stop taking winter items right before Christmas and start taking spring items after the 1st of the year.

Items must be prepped and on hangers

The most successful consignors are the ones whose clothing items are the most well taken care of.

However tempting it is to simply take the items you no longer wear or want out of your closet, throw them in a box or bag, and into your car to haul away, it just doesn’t work like that on our end.

Our goal is take everything we think we can sell and get it out on the floor the same day. So everything needs to come in ready to sell. Clothes need to be freshly cleaned or laundered and wrinkle-free. They need to look and smell nice. No loose threads, holes, missing buttons. No dirty labels on the inside of the collar.

Shoes need to be polished, and wiped clean inside.

Check all the compartments and zipper pockets in your purses for stuff, and remove it before bringing them in. Wipe out the inside of the purse.

Check all the pockets in your jackets. If there are old tissues in them, then the jacket needs to go into the washing machine before bringing it for consignment.

Stay tuned for more info about brands and styles….